All the days of my life: helping members navigate life transitions
Beryl JantziLed by Beryl Jantzi

Goodness and mercy are gifts of God that help us thrive and survive. This workshop will introduce participants to a new inter-generational curriculum based on Psalm 23:6 which addresses ways God meets us in the good and challenging times of life. A series of art prints by Thomas Cole entitled the Voyage of Life, will illustrate what it means to navigate the river of life from childhood to old age. Beryl is Stewardship Educator at Everence Financial Services.

Three simple rules for staying and getting out of debt
Beryl JantziLed by Beryl Jantzi

Financial stress leads to spiritual, emotional and spiritual fatigue. Whether you work with persons dealing with debt or are challenged with it yourself this seminar will offer tools to equip you to help yourself and others facing financial hurtles. Practical steps for getting out of debt and staying out of debt will guide our conversation. We will also review some financial education tools that you can use in your congregation to help youth, young adults, empty-nesters and retirees to meet the financial challenges along life’s journey. Beryl is Stewardship Educator at Everence Financial Services.

Five approaches to preaching a biblical story
Ryan AhlgrimLed by Ryan Alghrim

Biblical stories allow the preacher the opportunity to preach in a wide variety of creative ways. In addition to the usual approach of explaining a biblical story, the preacher may recite the story, re-tell the story, expand the story, or tell a new story that interprets the old story. This workshop will explore the rich possibilities of preaching biblical stories that spiritually transform the congregation. Ryan is pastor of First Mennonite Church, Richmond, Va.

03-15-Skip-TobinMaking disciples though Life Transformation Groups
Led by Skip Tobin & Marvin Lorenzana

Are you interested in exploring a deep, reproducible, yet simple way of making disciples within the congregation? Are you tired of talking about becoming missional and are eager to gain traction in the disciple-making task? Join us and learn about a practical step to develop a discipling culture. Marvin and Skip are VMMissions staff, working with Hispanic and USA church planting ministries.Marvin Lorenzana


03-15-Skip-TobinFamily on mission
Led by Skip & Carol Tobin

Is there an alternative to the difficult task of managing boundaries between ministry and family life? Our answer is YES. Can we learn to lean into a more integrated paradigm of “family ON mission?” We hope so! We’ll offer some thoughts, tell some stories, and listen to some of yours! Skip and Carol are VMMissions staff and former mission workers in Thailand.Carol Tobin Skip and Carol are VMMissions staff and former mission workers in Thailand.


Difficult pastoral situations: invitation to learning and growth
Lonnie YoderLed by Lonnie Yoder

What do you do when faced with a particularly difficult pastoral situation? This workshop will identify several basic types of difficult pastoral situations: crisis, conflict, loss, ethical challenge, and abuse/violence – as well as address them from the vantage point of both biblical/theological principles and principles of actual practice in the midst of a difficult pastoral situation. This workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring difficult pastoral situations. Lonnie is Associate Dean/Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, Va.

Women and men encouraging: women in ministry of all kinds
Jennifer Davis SensenigLed by Jennifer Davis Sensenig

This workshop is for women and men who want to encourage girls and women in their congregations to embrace their Christian vocation whether that be credentialed church leadership roles or other aspects of ministry within our congregations and broader communities. Participants will gain resources for worship series that encourage persons to listen for and respond to God’s call. We will share ideas about vocational mentoring and inter-generational storytelling within congregational life, and look at educational resources that can sponsor the next steps of faithfulness for women whom God is calling into new chapters of ministry. Jennifer is pastor of Community Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Va.

Spencer BradfordSetting the prisoners free: mass incarceration and ministry
Led by Spencer Bradford & David Nickel

Many people credit our criminal justice and correctional systems with serving a difficult but necessary social purpose of public safety. A “new civil rights movement” in recent years has challenged that assumption with striking analysis of racial disparities and community impact. Presenters will address the important work of churches in re-entry ministries that target systemic Dave Nickelobstacles faced by formerly incarcerated people, and examine how churches can link that with advocacy aimed at reducing the number of people becoming incarcerated in the first place. Spencer is pastor of Durham Mennonite Church. David is a community-funded chaplain at Orange Correction Center in Hillsborough, NC.


Food fights at supper: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Reta FingerLed by Reta Halteman Finger

Do we really understand the Lord’s Supper? The words we speak from 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 are set in a larger text where the Apostle Paul vigorously chides his congregations because they are not sharing food and eating together at worship. “This,” says Paul, “is not a ‘supper of the Lord!'” This workshop will re-enact a Corinthian supper to gain a richer meaning of communion than we usually experience. Please bring a Bible. Reta is a retired Bible teacher at Messiah College, Grantham, Pa.

God as our mother: biblical and theological visions
Isaac VillegasLed by Isaac Villegas

We will explore several biblical passages that portray God as our mother. We will trace how these Scriptures have invited Christians through the ages to worship God as our mother–the mother of earth, the mother of the church, and the mother of our lives. These voices from the Bible and from the history of the church can speak into our lives today as explore our relationship with God. Isaac Villegas serves as pastor of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship, Chapel Hill, NC.

Safe church, safe children
Ross ErbLed by Ross Erb

As faith communities we seek to proclaim God’s love for all, and to form disciples of Jesus Christ. But child sexual abuse can strip away the ability to trust that there is a loving God who cares for us. Safe Church educates adults and children about the plague of child sexual abuse in our church and provides the practices and policies necessary to protect the vulnerable. Ross is Associate Pastor of Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Va.


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