Presentations from Credentialed Leaders Consultation on “Broken Boundaries”
Biblical Theological Perspectives on Harm in the Community of Faith by Lonnie Yoder (PDF)

Restorative Approaches to Victims and Survivors by Melody Pannell (PDF)

Restorative Approaches to Offenders/Ex-Offenders by Gregory Winship (PDF)

Restorative Approaches to Broken Boundaries in Congregational Life: How Congregations Can Respond Restoratively by Carl Stauffer (PPT)


Workshop slides from Small Church Big Impact event
Small Church.Big Impact Workshop 1: Doing Theology as Thriving Base Communities

Small Church Big Impact Workshop 2: Developing a Mission Culture


Credentialing forms and documents
The documents needed for beginning or continuing the credentialing process in Virginia Mennonite Conference.

Other forms for leaders
Reporting forms and Ministerial Training & Trust Fund application.


Leadership Handbook (with Appendices)
A comprehensive guide covering aspects of credentialed leadership with separate appendices and policy decisions.

Delegates’ Documents
Documents related to delegates’ agenda, handouts, and minutes of meetings.

Denominational and Conference resources for congregations
Pastor’s salary forms and recommendations, external resources, Corinthian Plan.

Documents and statements
Constitution & Bylaws, Conference Council, Congregational Life Commission and Faith & Life Commission documents.

Various grants for those eligible in ministerial leadership.


Biennial Review Form for Special Ministries