Faith and Life Commission

The duties of the Faith and Life Commission of Virginia Mennonite Conference are:

  • Provide leadership for Conference in spiritual, doctrinal, and faith and life issues
  • Be a forum for leaders as they process concerns relating to congregational life and leadership
  • Promote unity of faith and practice
  • Issue ministry credentials
  • Provide professional development, fellowship and inspiration for pastors

Joe Longacher, Interim Chair
Roy Hange, Vice Chair
H. Michael Shenk III, Secretary

Clyde G. Kratz,Executive Conference Minister

Members & District or Cluster
Leslie Francisco III, Calvary
James Ã…kerson, Central
Robert Wenger, Central
Pearl Hartman, Chaplains
Anna Janzen, Member-at-Large
David Lehman, Eastern District
Roy Hange, Harrisonburg
Craig Maven, Leadership/Administration
Aldine Musser, Northern
H. Michael Shenk III, Northern
Luke Schrock-Hurst, Potomac
Beryl Jantzi, Southern
Chuck Hostetter, TCK