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Virginia Mennonite Conference equips pastors, lay leaders, and congregants for worship and service, and to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to neighbors near and far.

Church Worker Assistance Program

The Church Worker Assistance Program (CWA) is designed to help you with life’s challenges. Sometimes we experience problems that we cannot handle on our own. We may feel overwhelmed, depressed, nervous or anxious, and the feelings do not seem to go away.

The CWA program is not a guaranteed employee benefit but rather a program with funding available through an endowment managed by Virginia Mennonite Conference.


  • Pastors and church employees who work at least half-time for a VMC church
  • VMC credentialed leaders of “churches in formation”
  • VMC and Virginia Mennonite Missions staff who work at least half-time for their agency
  • The assistance is for the employee, not children or spouses, unless they are in a joint counseling session
  • This program is available without regard to other health insurance

How it works:

  • Virginia Mennonite Conference will pay up to $100 per session for up to four diagnostic/counseling sessions per calendar year, provided funds are available.
  • Submit your confidential application to [email protected].
  • Make an appointment with a licensed counselor of your choice
  • Ask the counseling agency to submit the bill to VMC for payment. You, or your health insurance provider, are responsible for any balance above $100 per session.

Whatever the nature of your life situation, the conversation between you and your counselor is strictly confidential. No personal information is shared with your local congregation or Virginia Mennonite Conference.

If counseling comes as a recommendation by your supervisor, they are informed whether or not the appointment is kept. No other information as to the nature of the problem is released without your written consent.

Seeking help will not jeopardize your job rights or promotional opportunities. However, you should not expect exemptions from normal performance expectations. Counseling is not intended to replace disciplinary processes.

Licensed counselors have the training and experience to assist you in dealing with your problems. They will listen carefully, assess your situation, and help you decide what to do next. If you need further assistance, beyond the four sessions available through this endowment, your counselor will review your options for continuing your counseling.

Download the CWA information sheet and application form. Forms- Grant- CW Asst 3-7-2023

If you live in the Harrisonburg, Va., area, the Family Life Resource Center (FLRC) is one recommended facility where you may seek counseling. The center provides professional counseling and educational services from a Christian faith perspective for growth towards hope, health and healing.

Office hours:
9:00 – 4:30 (M-F)
Phone: (540) 434-8450