Ministry of Inner Healing webinar

May 28, 2024 // 7:00 pm

Webinar: Ministry of Inner Healing.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 7 PM

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A Brief Explanation of the Ministry of Inner Healing

Jesus said, “All who are thirsty, come to me and drink, and out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.” In their book, “Stretch Out Your Hand: Exploring Healing Prayer,” Tilda Norberg and Robert Webber write that “the process of healing is like removing sticks and leaves from a stream until the water runs clear.” Drinking at the fount of Jesus’ love, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation sets people free to follow Jesus more joyfully.

Those leading prayers for inner healing listen attentively to the stories and struggles of those seeking healing. Through discernment, they seek to understand the root causes of emotional pain and trauma. There may be patterns of thought or behavior that hinder spiritual and emotional growth, patterns that for some have been part of their families for generations. Helping individuals forgive themselves and others for past hurts often involves acknowledging pain, releasing bitterness, and embracing forgiveness. This may involve confessing sins, letting go of resentments, and surrendering painful memories to God. Some people come with spiritual oppression or demonic influence that calls for deliverance prayer. 

The Zoom webinar will feature a video with stories from ministers of inner healing: Paula Stoltzfus, Juan Carlos Malvaez, and Roy Hange, and a testimony of one who has experienced prayers for inner healing.  Following the video, there will be a dedicated time for questions about the practice of inner healing ministry. Peter Eberly, pastor of Eastside, whose church has seen the fruit of inner healing ministry will join in the Q&A. 

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