Virginia Mennonite Conference, a member of Mennonite Church USA, is a network of congregations and ministry organizations linked by history, theology and geography, with a shared call to Christian faith, evangelism, discipleship, peacemaking and service.

Virginia Mennonite Conference seeks to be an agent of God’s call to individuals, congregations and organizations to follow Jesus and embody faith, hope, peace and love in the world.

Virginia Mennonite Conference has articulated a vision, centered in Jesus Christ, spelled out in seven attributes. We as Anabaptist Christians offer:

    Community in an era of individualism
    Faith in an era of secularism
    Hope in an era of cynicism and despair
    Peace in an era of violence
    Love in an era of polarization and hatred
    Life-affirming ethic from womb to tomb
    International compassion in an era of nationalism

Contact Virginia Mennonite Conference:
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601 Parkwood Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22802


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