Leadership Handbook

Appendix A: VMC Constitution & Bylaws

Appendix B: Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love

Appendix C: Ministerial Training Trust Fund and Application
[contact Conference office for MTTF document]

Appendix D: Financial Resources for Pastoral Training [see Conference office]

Appendix E: Basic Courses for Pastoral Training [see Pastoral Training Questionnaire]

Appendix F: Basic Areas of Knowledge for Pastoring [see Pastoral Training Questionnaire]

Appendix G: Organizational Chart



Policy #1: Headship and Leadership Roles of Women [see Conference office]

Policy #2: Guidelines for District and Congregational Leaders in Calling Women to Leadership Assignments [see Conference office]

Policy #3: Use of Divorced and/or Remarried Persons in Church Leadership

Policy #4: Church Membership and Military Personnel in Congregations of VMC

Policy #5: Special Ministries Policy

Policy #6: VMC Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure