Phil Kniss presents on unity -  A Church Worthy of Its Calling (1)    Pastors engage in a table discussion (1)    Panel discussion on MC USA resolutions (1)    Nancy Heisey presents 6 Christian views of homosexuality (1)    IMG_9809    IMG_9808    IMG_9806    IMG_9805    IMG_9797    IMG_9795    IMG_9793    IMG_9791    IMG_9779    IMG_9774    IMG_9771    IMG_9768    IMG_9758    IMG_9756    IMG_9754    IMG_9752   IMG_9750 IMG_9749 IMG_9748 IMG_9744 IMG_9742 IMG_9741 IMG_9740 IMG_9739 IMG_9738 IMG_9737 IMG_9735 IMG_9733 IMG_9726 IMG_9716 IMG_9712 IMG_9704 IMG_9698 IMG_9696 IMG_9693 IMG_9692 IMG_9691   IMG_9690   IMG_9689   IMG_9688   IMG_9684   IMG_9678   IMG_9675   ECM Clyde Kratz makes some final comments at the conclusion of the Consultation (1)