VMC meets expenses, thanks to congregations

November 6, 2012
by VMC Staff

For the first time in six years, VMC reports a year-end surplus instead of a deficit. We are overjoyed and grateful for God’s goodness and your generosity!

This exciting news is largely due to an increase in giving from congregations. From September 1, 2011, through August 31, 2012, congregational giving accounted for over half of VMC’s income and reached its highest-ever level of $130,772.


In a publication surveying VMC history from 1835-2003, In Search of Faithfulness, Glendon L. Blosser writes, “Conference is to serve the congregations rather than congregations to serve the Conference. When this concept is totally understood, then the financial quotas expected from congregations to support the conference budget will be more adequately met” (p. 17).

Because this “servant stance” is an integral part of both our history and current practice, VMC seeks to use congregational funds responsibly and operate within our financial means, with the priority of serving congregations always at the forefront of our minds.

If VMC exists to serve the congregations, our financial mission should reflect that. Our new narrative budget model for reporting (below) helps to visually illustrate this philosophy. In 2011-2012, equipping congregations and ministry leaders accounted for 69% of conference expenses. Another 20% was used for building connections between congregations, the conference, and Mennonite Church USA.


So after closing our fiscal year on August 31, VMC is deeply grateful to congregations for funding the ministries and services we offer. We also recognize that we could not operate as we do without the additional support of individuals, agencies and other funding sources. It seems to indicate that our organization is functioning well when we are primarily funded by those we exist to serve!