Juan Carlos and Wendy Malvaez

Continual transformation: Manantial de Vida coaches with discipleship classes

July 26, 2015
by VMC Staff

From this moment on, we face one of our biggest challenge as the Body of Christ; to make true disciples of Jesus.

At Manantial De Vida (Fountain of Life), we are committed to walk through this process with any person who joins this ministry. The process of following up, teaching, and mentoring are key to spiritual growth.

In discipleship, we teach the precepts of the Bible and Christian living which is a call to total rendition, holiness, an attitude and heart that worships Jesus in all aspects of life. It is a life pursuit of an in-depth and committed life of continual spiritual growth.


Juan Carlos Malvaez leads a session in discipleship class at Manantial de Vida.
Juan Carlos Malvaez leads a session in discipleship class at Manantial de Vida. Photo courtesy of authors


Prior to starting the process of discipleship in each individual, inner healing and deliverance are foundational and critical in order for the believer to walk in victory and free from any bondage. We organize a retreat; a Spirit-empowered time of healing and deliverance. The focus is to identify unhealed emotional and spiritual areas, such as trauma, abuse, unforgiveness, generational patterns of destruction, oppression, affliction, and other influences. The believer is re-positioned to receive Jesus’ loving embrace by the freedom and benefits released at the Cross.

After the retreat, the believer begins a year-long discipleship training where they learn the foundations of Christian life that teaches a lifestyle of continual transformation. During this time, they receive impartation and are empowered and trained to disciple others.

The process continues with courses designed to train, teach, and equip our leaders. They are sent to manifest God’s transforming power through healing, delivering and mentoring.

We have witnessed the transformation of entire families in our community. Our purpose is to raise up a generation with revelation of God’s transforming power.