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Assembly 2019 MDS project

Virginia Mennonite Conference worked with Mennonite Disaster Service to build a house for the Walker family of West Virginia, whose home was destroyed in a 2016 flood.

Walker family with Rod Burkholder and Clyde KratzUnder the leadership of VMC’s co-project coordinators, Sam Miller and MDS Representative Rodney Burkholder, the footers and cinder block foundation were built on the Clendenin site. Chris Riddle poured the cement floor and secured it to the foundation walls.

Meanwhile, on Lindale Mennonite Church’s parking lot, the Builders Guild in Harrisonburg framed the house before the planned dedication during Assembly on July 19, 2019. The framed walls were shipped to West Virginia and placed on the foundation.

With help from congregations in VMC, the Walker family (Daniel, Darla, son Daniel Davis, and daughter Rebecca) were blessed with a new home. After a flood in 2016 destroyed their Clendenin, West Virginia, home, they lived in a home belonging to Darla’s mother for three years. It was dedicated with the Walker family in attendance at the 2019 Virginia Mennonite Conference Assembly.

VMC member congregations were invited to donate toward the Partnership Home Project through special offerings. The $70,000 project received $30,000 from FEMA.