Conference Council

As the executive body of Virginia Mennonite Conference, the duties of Conference Council are:

  1. Project vision, define direction, and promote unity in coordinating the work of the Conference
  2. Decide what issues shall be brought to Conference Assembly
  3. Provide for staffing of Conference
  4. Facilitate the work of Assembly between sessions
  5. Receive reports from and evaluate the work of Conference commissions and agencies annually
  6. Develop plans to meet the financial needs of Conference

Clyde G. Kratz, Executive Conference Minister

Executive Officers,
Elroy Miller, Moderator
Deb Horst, Assistant Moderator
Edith Shenk-Kuhns, Acting Secretary
Scott Beachy, Acting Treasurer

District Representatives,
Ryan Ahlgrim, Eastern
Greta Bucher, Harrisonburg
Marian Buckwalter, Mennonite Church USA CLC representative
Sang Jin Choi, Potomac
Leslie W. Francisco III, Calvary
Dale Hartzler, Central
David King, Northern
Phil Lehman, Southern
Vernon Moyer, TCK
Matt Schwartz, Harrisonburg

Commission Representatives,,
Joe Longacher, interim chair, Faith & Life Commission
James Musser, Congregational Life Commission
VMMissions Board representative
VMMissions Board representative

Non-voting Members,
Clyde G. Kratz, VMC Executive Conference Minister
Aaron Kauffman, VMMissions President
Paul Leaman, Eastern Mennonite School Head of School
Elwood Yoder, Historical Committee