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Virginia Mennonite Conference equips pastors, lay leaders, and congregants for worship and service, and to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to neighbors near and far.


beyond IDI karl mcKinney

Beyond the IDI: Receiving, Accepting, and Adapting

Karl McKinney | February 16, 2024

Effective church leadership - webinar

Effective Church Leadership

Craig Maven | January 10, 2024

mission and indigenous communities - panel

Christian Mission and Indigenous Communities Today

Nancy Heisey, Andrew Suderman, and Jason Rhodes Showalter | February 8, 2024

Ministry of Inner Healing

Juan Carlos & Wendy Malvaez, Roy Hange, and Paula Stoltzfus | May 28, 2024

Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Bishop Leslie Francisco, III | February 3, 2024

God Still Promises to Restore

Pablo Hernandez | June 12, 2021

What if WE are the Losers?

Andrew Cheung | June 12, 2021