Standing in the Gap: a Bridge to Poverty

September 6, 2024 // 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

standing in the gap - art

It is difficult to discuss money and finances within the congregation, especially when we know people are living in vastly different financial realities. The rich seem to be getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. How might we preach and teach about money, given the financial differences that exist? How might we better engage people who come from a variety of economic levels? What are the community resources available to assist those who are living in poverty? And, how might we as a congregation relate better to people at various economic levels, maintain appropriate boundaries, and understand the hidden rules of economic class? We will explore these questions, listen to God’s invitation for us as people of faith, and find practical ways to engage.

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Hosted by Congregational Life Commission and the Leadership Enrichment Committee.

Event location: Harrisonburg Mennonite Church
Event address: 1552 S. High St [Google maps]