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Healthy Boundaries events

District Training events on Healthy Boundaries: Fundamentals
Trainers: Lonnie Yoder and Teresa Boshart Yoder
Invitees: Credentialed and lay delegates, church leaders

The Healthy Boundaries: Fundamentals training has three objectives:

To increase the awareness of the need for healthy and appropriate boundaries in the clergy/congregant or spiritual teacher/student relationship

To illustrate the impact of appropriate vs. inappropriate boundaries in promoting effective ministry and teaching

To provide clergy and spiritual teachers with guidelines and suggestions for developing appropriate boundaries and necessary self-care strategies

Come prepared to learn about such diverse topics as power and vulnerability, dual relationships, gifts, transference, social media, finance, sexual attraction, self-care and more. Learn the difference between boundary crossing and boundary violation as well as the difference between a wanderer and predator. Come prepared to engage your own journey with boundaries in ministry and leadership.