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Election Day Communion seeks to unify a diverse church

September 18, 2012
by VMC Staff

Every day is filled with choices, some of which have a greater impact on our lives than others. Every day we must choose what to wear and what to eat. Every day we must choose whether or not to follow Jesus.

On November 6th, citizens of the United States will be invited to make another choice: they will be asked to make a choice for president of the United States.

Every four years we witness the power that politics has to divide this nation. This division causes many of us to feel uneasy. Every four years we witness the power that politics has to divide the Church. This division causes many of us to mourn.

What kind of witness might it be for people of different political and theological persuasions to come together for a simple act of remembrance, to participate in a Communion service on Election Day? Yes, the issues that divide us are important; we would not care so much about them if they weren’t. I’m not asking anyone to stop caring about these issues, nor do I remember Jesus asking his disciples to agree about everything all of the time.

But Christians have a higher calling. We are called to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. This is about something more important than a presidential election. This is about something bigger than our differences. This is about our primary allegiance to a King and a Kingdom. And I believe that sharing in the bread and the cup is a political statement that proclaims the lordship and the reign of Jesus Christ.

I invite you to join me at the table on November 6 as a witness to the world that what unifies us is stronger than what pulls us apart. Will you choose to join me?

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Because allegiance to Christ is bigger than party, candidate, or country.