Craig Maven

iCLT News – inaugural issue

October 17, 2022
by Craig Maven

from Craig Maven

Minister of Administration and Church Relations

This is the inaugural entry of what the interim Conference Leadership Team hopes is a twice monthly communication. Our goal is to communicate what the iCLT is discussing, doing, and experiencing. The team members are: Bishop Leslie Francesco, June Miller, Maren Hange, Duane Beck, Caleb Schrock-Hurst, and me (Craig Maven).

  My title is Minister of Administration and Church Relations. I am the team’s convener (I see that the agenda for our weekly meetings is created and lead the team meetings). I serve as the primary contact for the moderator (Sara Wenger Shenk) on our team.  I am also the connection to MCUSA so I participate in the monthly Executive Conference Ministers zoom call, communicate with MCUSA Boards as needed, and serve as the teams liaison with other entities relating to MCUSA. Caleb Schrock-Hurst and I share the church relations role and we are responsible for different districts to help with governance and administration of district business. I feel like I am experiencing a steep learning curve!

I am very hopeful that the process VMC is about to begin with Gilliam & Associates will enable us as a whole Conference to hear each other and the Holy Spirit as we regain our bearings following the pandemic, VMC leadership change, and May 2022 MCUSA Special Delegate Assembly. As a team the iCLT recognizes we are in unusually challenging times. The iCLT wants to know what you need from us and from VMC to embrace with joy what God is calling our congregations, districts, and conference to for the next season of life and ministry together. The easiest way to contact us is through the contact page of VMC’s website:



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