Winter Delegate Session 2017

Conference Assembly 2016

Approved 2016 Conference Assembly Minutes

2016 Reports & Statistics Book

Historical list of VMC congregations


November 2015 Conference Council minutes

Delegate Agenda


Mission Vision Task Force Report

June 2015 Meeting Minutes

A Way Forward for VMC


Delegate job description

Congregational delegate job description


Conference Assembly documents for Charlottesville, July 24-26, 2014

Tentative Delegate Session Agenda

Constitution & Bylaws (updated 2014)


Mennonite Church USA Executive Board Statement and links

Moving Forward, a statement by the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA on the Mountain States decision (February 17, 2014)

EB articleExecutive Board releases statement on Mountain States decision, approves resolution on immigration (article, external link)

Moderator statementA letter to Mennonite Church USA from the moderator (external link)

Letter to Mennonite Church USA Executive Board by 5 Conference Ministers (including VMC)


Documents from Winter Delegate Session, February 1, 2014

Minutes of 2014 Winter Delegate Session

Preface – MC USA update on same gender relationships

#1 Mountain States Conference Press Release

#2 VMC Conference Council Stutzman minutes 01.14.14

#3 Ervin Stutzman letter

#4 Discernment 1 (Mennonite Church USA)

#5 Discernment 2 (EMU)

#6 Leadership Initiatives For Counsel

#7 Discernment on 3 VMC Leadership Initiatives

#8 Conference Assembly 2014 flyer

#9 Cherith Nordling event in Harrisonburg

Winter Delegate Session Agenda


Minutes, handouts and post-meeting documents from 2013 Assembly Session, July 26-27

Delegate session minutes July 2013

Leadership Enrichment Proposal

VMM Strategic Plan

Sustainability task force report

Guidelines for Biblical Communal Discernment for Ervin Stutzman’s workshop “Discernment Practices within the Church”


Documents for Assembly Session, July 26-27

Delegate Agenda

Assembly 2013 instructions for Holistic Witness project


Documents from February 2 Session

Delegate Session Minutes (02/02/13)

VMM questions for delegates (compiled responses)

Pointing to Christ PosterVMC “Pointing to Christ” Poster

Treasurer’s Report

2013 Delegate Gifts Discernment Survey

Assembly 2013 flier

Mennonite Women of Virginia Save-the-Date Flier

Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity Promo Flier

Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity Overview

VMM Questions for Delegates

Delegate Agenda (for Feb 2, 2013 meeting)


Documents from July 2012 Delegate Session

Suggested Bylaws Changes for Delegate Action July 2012Suggested Bylaws Changes for Delegate Action July 2012

Leadership Resources 2012-13Leadership Resources 2012-13

July 2012 Delegate Session MinutesJuly 2012 Delegate Session Minutes

Iglesia Encienda Una Luz DocumentationIglesia Encienda Una Luz Documentation – New Congregation Recommended to Delegates

Bible Study Response Discussion Questions July 2012Bible Study Response Discussion Questions July 2012


“Where I’m From” Poem

Where I'm FromWhere I’m From