Virginia Mennonite Conference

David Boshart, Moderator of Mennonite Church USA, shares with delegates about polity structures and covenantal relationships., Delegates talk around tables about proposals brought to them at Winter Delegate Session 2019., Delegates pray for Executive Conference Minister Clyde G. Kratz as he leads the Conference with God's help.,

Assembly 2019: Cultivating Good Soil

Conference Assembly

Mark your calendars for Virginia Mennonite Conference Assembly, July 18-20, in Harrisonburg. The theme is "Cultivating Good Soil." Worship services will be at Lindale Mennonite Church; delegate sessions will be at Eastern Mennonite School. There will be a Mennonite Disaster Service house-building project onsite (including dedication), and VMMissions will have their Centennial Celebration. Learn more and and register here.