Conference Ministries

Conference Ministries are agencies, committees or programs that originate from the Virginia Mennonite Conference, and while many have separate boards and governance structures, their primary constituency is VMC, a majority of their boards are comprised of VMC members and the entities are, broadly, “owned” by VMC.

Eastern Mennonite School

Eastern Mennonite SchoolA Christian education institution that combines an academically challenging curriculum with a strong commitment to Christian discipleship, peace and justice issues, service, and a global outlook.

Eastern Mennonite School joins home and church in calling students to faith in Jesus Christ, academic excellence, personal integrity, and compassionate service in the world.

Educational philosophy:
EMS has served Harrisonburg and the surrounding counties for over 90 years, combining an academically challenging curriculum with a strong commitment to Christian discipleship, peace and justice issues, service, and a global outlook.

The K-12 curriculum is designed to foster reading, research, writing and presentation skills that grow student curiosity, creative and insightful thinking, organizational strategies and a moral social conscience. A strong college preparatory track includes honors, Advanced Placement, and other advanced courses. Regular activities are also designed to help students grow spiritually as well as intellectually. In study, worship, and play, students are challenged to integrate faith with life — to learn and apply Biblical standards to life’s decisions. A participatory-based co-curricular program at the elementary level encourages exploration of athletics and other interests. Secondary students further refine skills and confidence in performance through a music program, including a choir which tours internationally, drama and musical theater, service opportunities, a wide variety of clubs, and competitive athletics.

Paul G. Leaman, Head of School | Main Campus Phone: (540) 236-6000 | Visit website


Peace Committee

Peace CommitteeA committee of Virginia Mennonite Conference that promotes and highlights the cause of peace, peacemaking, and justice in the Conference, with stories, articles, and awards in recognition of these efforts.

As followers of Jesus, we participate in his ministry of peace and justice. He has called us to find our blessing in making peace and seeking justice. We do so in a spirit of gentleness, willing to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake. As disciples of Christ, we do not prepare for war, or participate in war or military service. The same Spirit that empowered Jesus also empowers us to love enemies, to forgive rather than to seek revenge, to practice right relationships, to rely on the community of faith to settle disputes, and to resist evil without violence.

Spencer Bradford, Chair | Contact: (919) 596-4702 | Learn more


Virginia Mennonite Missions

Virginia Mennonite MissionsAs a mission agency of Virginia Mennonite Conference, Virginia Mennonite Missions invites people to new and faithful life in Jesus Christ by forming and enabling congregations and individuals to continue God’s reconciling work in the world.

Virginia Mennonite Missions seeks God’s direction in calling out and sending forth a growing, diverse community of believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the world and to be transformed through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ.

Virginia Mennonite Missions was formed in 1919, with headquarters in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Now with a budget of $2.5 million, approximately 90 persons serve in 16 countries including the United States in the areas of disciple-making and church planting, education, leadership development, deaf ministry, refugee ministry and urban ministry.

Aaron Kauffman, President | Office Phone: (540) 434-9727 | Visit website


Conference Endorsed Ministries

Conference Endorsed Ministries are organizations with roots in, continued relationship with, or accountability ties to the Virginia Mennonite Conference constituency. For mutual benefit, they apply for membership, are granted an endorsement for their ministry, and are provided with opportunities for visibility and reporting.


Mennonite Women of Virginia Conference

Mennonite Women of VAThe Conference chapter of Mennonite Women USA, inviting women across generations, cultures, and places to share and honor our stories, care for each other, and express our prophetic voice boldly as we seek to follow Christ.

Sylvia Yoder, Chair | Visit webpage | Visit Facebook page


Crossroads (Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center)

CrossRoads Heritage CenterMennonites and Brethren have lived in the Shenandoah Valley for more than two centuries, but they have truly been the “quiet in the land.” Their creative labor as farmers and craftsmen and their unique forms of Christian piety and faith have been largely invisible. One purpose of the Heritage Center is to unveil this historical and spiritual legacy and serve as an interpretive center.

By identifying and interpreting this legacy, Brethren and Mennonites can satisfy the yearning to know more about themselves – who they are and how they came to be. Their emphasis on pacifism, voluntary service, disaster relief work, and international understanding are major themes in the Center, highlighting the contemporary work of the denominations. The Center interprets these values as expression of faith. The walk through the facility helps the visitor ponder these values as an option for one’s life and invites them to the Christian faith.

Joan Daggett, Executive Director | Phone: (540) 438-1275 | Visit website


Eastern Mennonite University

02-16-CRM-EMUEMU believes the best education combines rigorous academics with concern for the common good. Professors are mentors who know students by first name, chat over lunch or coffee, and nurture their life goals inside and outside the classroom.

Cross-cultural study, whether a semester of study abroad, three weeks in the summer, or an internship in Washington, D.C., prepares students to be critical thinkers with a global focus. The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding has earned world renown. Nursing students learn to care for the “whole” person. Student-athletes develop leadership and life skills they carry into adulthood.

EMU graduates display a unique combo of strong ethics, people skills, and flexibility, often with a focus on environmental and social sustainability.

Loren Swartzendruber, President | Phone: (540) 432-4000 | Visit website


Family Life Resource Center

FLRCFamily Life Resource Center (FLRC) is a nonprofit counseling agency meeting the behavioral health need of individuals, couples and families. Working from a Christian faith perspective, counselors at Family Life Resource Center are committed to helping people pursue health and wholeness as individuals and in their relationships.

The Family Life Resource Center provides professional counseling and services for growth towards hope, health, and healing. They provide counseling with a Christian orientation, assist in individual, family, and marital problems, provide consultation and resources for pastors, students, and congregations, and provide education and resources for early identification of problems requiring intervention.

Marie Bradley, Administrative Director | Terri Adamson, Clinical Director | Phone: (540) 434-8450 | Visit website


Gift & Thrift, Inc.

02-16-CRM-G&TA nonprofit organization committed to Christian faith in action, stewardship of our environment and supporting the primary goals of MCC.

Debra King, Executive Director | Phone: (540) 433-8844 | Visit website


Highland Retreat

02-16-CRM-HighlandHighland Retreat is a year-round Christian retreat center and summer youth camp located in the mountains of northwestern Virginia on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley. The 167 acres of mostly forested land is close to the George Washington National Forest and offers scenic vistas as well as a wide variety of wildlife in its hills, streams, pond and fields.

Highland Retreat is a non-profit corporation closely affiliated with Virginia Mennonite Conference of the Mennonite Church USA. Highland maintains membership with Christian Camp and Conference Association USA and the Mennonite Camping Association. The facilities are offered to churches, families, individuals, and groups whose interests are compatible with Christian principles. It offers a mountain setting where people meet Jesus Christ, explore nature and build relationships.

Kent Kauffman, Executive Director | Phone: (540) 705-0554 | Visit website


Mennonite Disaster Service of the Shenandoah Valley

02-16-CRM-MDSA local chapter of Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), which coordinates volunteers from Anabaptist churches for disaster response.

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Mennowood Retirement Community

MennowoodMennowood Retirement Community is a tranquil, friendly place for seniors seeking a caring, enriching lifestyle.

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for each resident through personalized attention and care. We believe in preserving dignity through personal choice, respect and understanding in a comfortable and welcoming environment that brings joy and fulfillment for those that live and work at Mennowood Retirement Community. Our retirement community offers what each resident needs; independent living, senior assisted living, memory care, and more. The focus is on providing seniors with a supportive setting so life is the way they want it to be.

Lynae Davis, Administrator | Phone: (757) 249-0355 | Visit website


NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center

NewBridgesNewBridges is a resource center for the spiritual, social and economic needs of immigrants in the Shenandoah Valley.

They can answer housing-related questions such as how to apply for affordable housing and how to refinance mortgages, help people navigate the world of personal finance, provide an immigration law clinic, help community members explore adult continuing education and connect children with the public school system, and assist with everything from document notarization to renewing documents with respective Consulates.

Alicia Horst, Executive Director | Phone: (540) 438-8295 | Visit website


Pleasant View, Inc.

Pleasant View, Inc.Pleasant View, Inc. supports individuals with disabilities achieve their own spiritual, emotional, relational, vocational and residential goals. Currently they are supporting about 105 adults in residential locations and about 125 people in day support programs.

Pleasant View, Inc. was founded in 1971 by members of the Virginia Mennonite Conference out of a concern for people within the church and the wider community who have intellectual disabilities. All individuals will have the opportunity to live in and enrich their communities. Pleasant View supports individuals with disabilities achieve their own spiritual, emotional, relational, vocational, and residential goals.

Nancy Hopkins-Garriss, Executive Director | Phone: (540) 896-8255 | Visit website


Roberta Webb Child Care Center

Roberta Webb Child Care CenterProviding quality, affordable, licensed child care in a safe and nurturing environment and provide children with a good start.

Phone: (540) 434-8699 | Visit Facebook page


Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center

Williamsburg Christian Retreat CenterWilliamsburg Christian Retreat Center provides Christ-Centered programs, services and retreat facilities in a peaceful setting to encourage fellowship, growth, and renewal.

WCRC seeks to remain faithful to Christ, the Word of God, and the demonstration of His love; provide a peaceful setting that encourages a relaxed pace, enjoyment of the outdoors, and worship of God; present attitudes that are friendly, compassionate, courteous & helpful; provide opportunities for adventure, recreation and fun that will build positive memories for all ages; and maintain clean and attractive grounds and facilities.

Bob Briscoe, Executive Director | Phone: (757) 566-2256 | Visit website