Four presentations in Harrisonburg by Cherith Nordling in September

Event sponsors

Cherith Fee Nordling will give four presentations in Harrisonburg, September 15-17, on “Being Human, Becoming Christian: an embodied reconciliation of heaven and earth.” She asks, “Is our embodied humanity a temporary curse or permanent, glorious reality?” “Does salvation seem to imply getting out of our bodies, or is it about finally being at home in…

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Anabaptist Renewal Circles hosts national gathering in Pennsylvania

Beryl Jantzi

A national gathering of MC USA pastors, agency representatives and interested church members took place at the Weaverland Mennonite Church in Lancaster County, Pa. July 10-12. About 160 registered for the event with 15 in attendance from Virginia Mennonite Conference. Participants came from many states and other parts of the church. “For me, in a…

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Mennonite Hispanic Initiative: developing leaders with IBA

Skip Tobin

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if immigrant church leaders had a place to gather and grow together in understanding how to live into the good news in their new Virginia contexts? This is what actually happens through Mennonite Hispanic Initiative’s Instituto Biblico Anabautista (IBA) study center. IBA’s purpose is to promote theological-biblical training of Spanish-speaking leaders…

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