Top ten reasons for Sharing Our Surplus at the Relief Sale

VA Relief Sale

The Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale’s Sharing Our Surplus (SOS) Campaign was launched two years ago to solicit cash donations for Mennonite Central Committee in addition to money raised through auction, food and other sales. So far the effort has raised over $75,000, and has been designated specifically to meet the growing needs of refugees around…

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Christian formation throughout the life course

Sarah Ann Bixler

Christian faith does not look the same in every season of life. Each season brings particular opportunities for Christian formation, and these vary in every individual. As we in the church walk alongside one another on the lifelong journey of faith, we can be attentive to one another in different seasons of life: childhood, early-…

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Mennonite Junior High Retreat is October 11-12

Join Junior High groups from area Mennonite churches for two days of worship and fun, October 11-12, 2019! Experience great games and camp activities, enjoy time with friends, and more. Carmen Miller of Harrisonburg Mennonite Church will be the speaker, and a group of high school youth will be leading worship times. See the Junior…

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Feeling like Job: rebuilding after a disaster loss

  After they saw that tornado warnings had been rescinded in their area of Amherst County, in southwestern Virginia, Frank and Mary went to bed. When the twister hit their home in the small town of Elon, they found themselves several dozen yards away from their home in a debris field down a hill. Miraculously,…

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