Our Stories, God’s Story: Mennonite Women of Virginia retreat

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Mennonite Womens Retreat 2015″]   “My story is as sacred to God as God’s story is sacred to me. Nothing is lost on the breath  of God,” became a familiar refrain by the end of Mennonite Women of Virginia retreat, October 30-November 1. A crisp fall weekend at Massanetta Springs Resort, near Harrisonburg,…

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Four presentations in Harrisonburg by Cherith Nordling in September

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Cherith Fee Nordling will give four presentations in Harrisonburg, September 15-17, on “Being Human, Becoming Christian: an embodied reconciliation of heaven and earth.” She asks, “Is our embodied humanity a temporary curse or permanent, glorious reality?” “Does salvation seem to imply getting out of our bodies, or is it about finally being at home in…

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