Making disciples through Life Transformation Groups

Skip Tobin

Workshop will explore ways to create a discipling culture in congregations Are you interested in exploring a deep, reproducible yet simple way of making disciples within the congregation? Are you tired of talking about becoming missional and are eager to gain traction in the disciple-making task? Join us on Saturday, January 31 (8 a.m. to…

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Conference to host retreats for youth workers and pastors

Virginia Mennonite Conference is hosting two upcoming retreats, both at Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center. If you are a youth minister or sponsor, we encourage you to consider attending “The Changing Face of Youth Ministry,” with Rachel S. Gerber. If you are a credentialed minister in a VMC congregation or constituency, we invite you to “Learning…

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In the beginning!

Clyde G. Kratz

The biblical account of creation opens with the proclamation “In the beginning God….” (Genesis 1:1). The affirmation that God was present in the beginning, engaged in purposeful creation, bringing order out of chaos, is not lost on biblical commentators 1. When Jesus teaches his disciples and subsequently all disciples how to pray, “Your will be…

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