Virginia Mennonite Conference

June 2017

“Neighbors: Strangers No More” at Conference Assembly

June 27, 2017
by VMC staff

"Neighbors: Strangers No More" at Conference Assembly

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Helping pastors develop intercultural competence

June 2, 2017
by Aldine Musser
Co-pastor of Stephens City Mennonite Church, Stephens City, Va.

Helping pastors develop intercultural competence

The term “white privilege” was not in my vocabulary or understanding while living in a neighborhood for 18 years, where whites were in the minority. In my faith community as a child, my Sunday School teacher and classmates were non-white. It wasn’t until I thought about attending Hesston College that I recognized it was more possible for me to leave the city than many of my neighborhood friends. Economically there were similarities — my parents couldn’t afford college and neither could my neighbors — yet I had an opportunity to …

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