Ground Rules: 2023 Summer Delegate Assembly

Ground rules for VMC summer assembly 2023 resolution process

Conference Council

  1. The delegates are presented with the first action (below) near the beginning of our business sessions. It will require a simple majority vote to pass.

We approve raising the threshold for passage of the resolutions to 75%.
Yes. No.  Abstain.

  1. We will take each resolution in turn, allotting specific time for table discussion and open mic time. We will review the resolutions in the order they are presented in the delegate packet. Discussion of all resolutions will occur on Friday afternoon.
  2. Table conversations are important as they allow more people to be heard. During open mic time, we will encourage delegates to report significant insights from table conversations but won’t do systematic table reporting. Persons will be encouraged to share in honest, vulnerable, constructive ways, and to limit their comments to one minute.
  3. VMC bylaws indicate that “Motions made from the floor may be received for consideration but may only be acted upon at the next delegate assembly.” Practically this means that no motions with immediate impact, including motions to table, can be made from the floor.
  4. Following Friday’s discussion, suggestions for wording changes for the purpose of clarity can be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration overnight—in consultation with the resolution drafters. If substantial changes are sought—and deemed desirable by the drafters, the drafters will have the option to either allow delegates to vote on the existing version or to withdraw the resolution and bring it back at the next assembly in order to give delegates time for consideration.
  5. For determining whether suggested changes are substantive or not, and in any other process matters, the Resolutions Committee is welcome to seek counsel from Craig Wilson (CC) and Craig Maven (iCLT)—who will serve in an advisory capacity on procedural matters.
  6. Delegates will be invited to vote on all three resolutions during the Saturday morning session once they have heard from the Resolutions Committee report whether any changes were agreed upon overnight. Votes will be a simple “yes”, “no”, or “abstain.” An abstention is effectively a non-vote so excluded from the overall percentage tally.

We approve the iCLT’s Year of Worship, Healing, Reflection and Renewal proposal and accompanying actions.
Yes. No.  Abstain.

We approve the VMC Community of Faith Statement.
Yes. No.  Abstain.

We approve the Faith & Praxis resolution.
Yes. No.  Abstain.

  1. If no resolution achieves a 75% threshold, the resolution with the highest percentage will be considered as “signaling direction” for the conference. Leadership will not discard other resolutions which garner a significant majority but don’t pass. They will expect to continue the conversation about potential further actions for delegates to consider.
  2. Conference Counsel will write a “resolutions process guidelines” document which will be finalized following assembly. This will be helpful as a way to standardize expectations for resolution submissions and to clarify the decision making process for bringing resolutions to delegates in future assemblies.