Recognizing God in the big and the small

This month, I begin Master of Divinity studies at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS). My husband, Ben, and our three children have moved to New Jersey to embark on a new adventure in following God’s call. Prayer has given us the courage to take this leap of faith, with God’s reassurance of being in both the…

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“It didn’t feel like a gathering of older people…”

Owen Burkholder

Reflections on Conference Assembly, July 25-27, 2013 at Eastern Mennonite School, Harrisonburg, Va. That second-hand quote from a younger adult who attended VMC Assembly as a first-time delegate indicates that indeed, participation in God’s kingdom is timeless. The speakers, workshop leaders, and testifiers engaged us with the wonder that God has been, is, and will…

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VMC introduces Clyde G. Kratz as Executive Conference Minister

Clyde and Eunice Kratz

On June 26, VMC’s Conference Council announced its selection of Clyde G. Kratz as the new Executive Conference Minister. On September 1, Clyde will succeed Owen Burkholder, who has nurtured the conference faithfully for 18 years. This new role incorporates executive responsibilities that were previously part of the Conference Coordinator position, which Sarah Bixler vacates…

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VMC meets expenses, thanks to congregations

For the first time in six years, VMC reports a year-end surplus instead of a deficit. We are overjoyed and grateful for God’s goodness and your generosity! This exciting news is largely due to an increase in giving from congregations. From September 1, 2011, through August 31, 2012, congregational giving accounted for over half of…

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