Southern District Churches Resettle Refugees

Stock image: PxHere   The Southern District of Virginia Mennonite Church consists of seven congregations scattered across Augusta and Nelson Counties. While divided by more than a few mountains and miles, we are finding that what holds us together is much stronger than the things that pull us apart. As I’ve heard said before, theology…

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Group Sews “Peace By Piece” at Williamsburg Mennonite Church

The Williamsburg Mennonite Church (Williamsburg, Va.) “Peace By Piece” sewing group: Front row: Alta Blosser, Mary Jo Evans, Kay Smith and Lavonne Lehman. Back row: Millie Webb, Lorraine Mooney, Wilda Kruzinski, Kathleen Kennedy and Marion Delagrange. In the background are quilts that were auctioned at the relief sale. On the table and floor are school…

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The Blessing of Hospitality

In August 2021, the United States armed forces pulled out of Afghanistan, prompting the evacuation of more than 123,000 civilians from that country. In the weeks that followed, over 15,000 Afghan refugees arrived at the Virginia military bases of Quantico, Fort Pickett, and Fort Lee. Their presence offered an opportunity to put into practice the…

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Clyde Kratz Resigns as Executive Conference Minister

Clyde G. Kratz

Clyde G. Kratz, Virginia Mennonite Conference Executive Conference Minister, submitted a letter of resignation on March 22, 2022, to Sara Wenger Shenk, VMC Moderator. Kratz’s resignation comes following the conclusion of an eight-month nonsexual ministerial misconduct process. Virginia Mennonite Conference’s Ministerial Misconduct Policy stipulates that when a complaint is against a conference minister, it must…

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Dr. Nancy E. Bedford to Address “Why Theology Matters” at March 29-30 Augsburger Lecture Series, Harrisonburg, VA

Nancy E. Bedford

Nancy Elizabeth Bedford, PHD Augsburger Lecture Series | March 29-30, 2022 Tuesday, March 29 11:00 am: “Why Does Theology Matter? Malleability” 4:00-6:00pm: Reflection and respite for pastors: COVID’s impact on leaders, congregations and their theology 6:00pm: Dinner provided ($10 per person) 7:00 pm: “What’s the Matter with Theology? Materiality” Wednesday, March 30 10:10 am: “How…

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